Mr Water-Monster and the Puppy-dog

The simplest, everyday objects make the best toys for puppies and babies alike. My sister and brother-in-law have an adorable, though ferocious looking puppy-dog (yes, it is a term I use!!)…..he loves to play fetch and football  and gallops at a mind-boggling speed. When he was playing football with us, the water sprinkler came on……Mr L-the-puppy-dog turned around in mid-air with the grace of a gazelle and lunged towards it….he sniffed, examined, felt the spray…..and then the water-dance began,….it is poetry in motion when Mr L wrestles with, caresses, consumes and attacks Mr Water-Monster………..he is a delight to watch….at the end of the exercise, he dries off and is clean again, all by himself…..he relaxes and stretches and has his one-on-one massage and petting sessions with us……happiness is made of this 🙂

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