My Dr Dolittle moment

It was a bright and sunny morning in the Himalayas. I sat in our gazebo, basking in the sun and listening to the sounds of the sparrows and mynahs around me. Suddenly there was a swoosh and whoosh sound as a large and exotic bird with a bluish body, a black and white head, a yellow beak and a long forked tail flew over me. I blinked, put down the book I was reading and ran out to watch the bird. There is a tree lined path from our home which leads down in a spiral descent a few hundred feet below. I climbed down and a large green bird with a bright red cap on its head flew past me, to perch on an evergreen tree close by. As I started jumping with glee and began photographing it, the blue bird flew around me, with a tiny fruit in it’s beak. I turned around, trying to capture it’s circular path above me and around me. When it perched on a tree near me, I saw there were two of them. I had never seen these birds before in my life and am terrible with nomenclature, but enjoy being around them immensely. There was a rustling in the conifer behind me and a large white kite settled among the branches there, almost hidden from view. Several little multicoloured Great Tit birds flew away from the tree. The Green woodpecker thought I was ignoring it so it flew over me. The blue birds were annoyed that i had looked away and flew around me. I put down my camera and enjoyed the aerial show that was exclusively for me. ¬†When my husband arrived, they all left………He grinned indulgently at my outpouring of excited babble and said..’But they are just birds!!”. This bird show had gone on for two glorious hours…..Thank you God and Mother Nature…..IMG_5749 IMG_5731 IMG_5725 IMG_5692 IMG_5710 IMG_5747 IMG_5752 IMG_5709 IMG_5632 IMG_5678

IMG_5698 IMG_5666

We search for miracles and ignore the ones that occur around us, everyday….

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