Narsingh Temple, Joshimath

The Narsingh Temple, in lower Joshimath ,is the temple of the fourth incarnation of Lord Vishnu (Narasimha Avatar) in which he is half lion, half man. It is also the place that the idol of Badrinath is placed and worshipped by the priests from Badrinath during the harsh winter months, The right arm of the Narasimha idol has been getting thinner over time. It is predicted that it will fall down one day, and then the road to Badrinath Temple will be blocked by a massive landslide. In the event of that happening, the Badrinath Temple will be shifted to Bhavishya Badrinath ( future Badrinath) which is located at a difficult trek of 7 kms up a mountain near Joshimath. When one visits this temple, the gentleman who sells the prasad thalis ( offerings) at a modest price of 11, 51, or 101 INR, only charges you for it when you return after your visit to the temple!!!!

There is a prayer offered inside by a priest, there are no beggars or people who push or hustle anyone, The view outside the temple is breathtakingly beautiful. One gets enough time to offer prayers and worship at leisure in the peaceful and quiet temple area.

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Joshimath and the surrounding areas are called ‘Dev Bhoomi’..the Land of the Gods…with the majestic mountains and the beauty of nature surrounding this area, complete with natural hot sulphur springs, one can understand why it is called that…..

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