National Art Centre, Yemen

Located within the old or walled city, is a treasure worth exploring…the National art centre. On the outside, it is an old, unassuming building, but once you step inside…it is like you have peeped into the Yemen that was centuries ago. The culture and tradition are showcased well here. The view from the roof is amazing. Definitely a must-visit..

The facade of the typical gingerbread home structure

DSC_0101 - Copy

The walls are as solid as they are beautiful

DSC_0099 - Copy

The typical archways and stone structure are seen here, with vibrant colours in the paintings

DSC_0098 - Copy

The niches, courtyards and alcoves are a delight

DSC_0093 - Copy DSC_0097 - Copy DSC_0091 - Copy

A door with an intricate design from the days of yore..

DSC_0105 - Copy

The roof with a view….

DSC_0068 - Copy

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