New year resolutions to be happier

My new year resolutions are not about less eating and more exercising, that is a war to be fought everyday, in a way that makes you happy and fit. Who said it was easy?? The best things in life are tough, but worth it…..So what does one wish for at the turn of a year??

  1. I wish to treasure every minute of family time even more, shunning social networks even more in the time of togetherness.
  2. Eat what I enjoy, and try tiny portions of sinful food, before I gorge on it, to make sure I love it, instead of piling on food and eating it because children are starving in many parts of the world.
  3. Donate larger sums to people who work for us, and for their children.
  4. Interact mostly with those who make me happy, I’m close to the exit door of life, each moment is a bonus. 
  5. Ignore those who ignore me, be ruder than people are to me and nicer that they are too.
  6. Walk out in the middle of a movie and throw a book away if they do not excite me or make me laugh.
  7. Keep loving those in my family who love me and look right through those who do not.
  8. Love with the condition that the loves ones should reciprocate and never betray my trust or love.
  9. Continue being monogamous, there is nothing better or more enjoyable 🙂
  10. Keep writing, because I enjoy it.
  11. Travel more to places far from popular destinations, away from crowded areas.
  12. Keep voicing my opinion, while trying to see the point of view of those I love.
  13. Keep saying ‘I love you’ several times a day to those I actually love.
  14. Make liberal use of blocking options on my phone and social networks.
  15. Look even less in the mirror and look within more…………


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