Origin of the Mighty Ganga River

The mighty Ganga or Ganges river is formed by the union of the Bhagirathi river and the Alaknanda Rivers at Devprayag in the western Himalayas.The Bhagirathi arises from the Gangotri Glacier at a place called Gaumukh at 12,769 feet.  The Alakananda is larger and longer, formed by melting of snow from the Nanda Devi, Trisul, and Kamet peaks. When we visited Devprayag, the Alaknanda was muddy, with a high silt factor as the rains had started. The Bhagirathi waters appeared green, while the Alaknanda was brownish. I feel blessed to have seen this union of the two rivers. IMG_5227 IMG_5225 IMG_5223

The Ganga river is considered holy by the Hindus, and is worshipped throughout its course. Apart from that, it is a mighty river that flows through the Himalayas, serving as a lifeline to millions of people before it flows into the Bay of Bengal. 

After the monsoon season, the water of the Ganga river is of a clear blue, a colour which is pure and clear.


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