Our child is 22 today–13,000 miles away!

  • Do I try to impress with my parental love, unreasonable, unconditional and unreal?? Do I try my hand at wit? Do I try to impart words of wisdom???
  • Neither!!! I shall celebrate that our child is in the same universe as us. That is the biggest blessing of all. 
  • Yes, our lives transformed the day we realized we were going to expand our family. Along with his birth, there was never ending celebration as he happened to be the first child of two families. Later it was decided by all concerned to keep him as the only child, shared by all of us.
  • Has it been easy for him? If being pampered by eight people, all older than you, and being admonished by eight is fun, then he has had a ball!!!
  • One of us wanted him to be a golfer, another thought he should be a surgeon, while a third wanted him to be Dr Sheldon Cooper from TBBT. He watched Star Wars with some of us, Harry Potter was read to him, PS2, PS3 and PS4 games were played with him. He was lectured to and mollycoddled, often in quick succession. 
  • On being asked why he did not tag me in pictures or wish me on my birthday on social media he said, ” You choose, either I can wish you in Reel life or in real life!!!”. Thank you, words I wish I could live by.
  • My prayer for him? May you live long and healthy my child, may you always be as cool as you are. Imagine a 22 year old who does not really believe in FB, twitter, and abhors PDA, while being affectionate and demonstrative away from the prying eyes of the world. I could learn a lot from him. 
  • I pray that you never stop believing in magic, may you enjoy the miracles that happen around us all the time
    • I hope your work is enjoyable and stimulates you
    • May your  life be healthy, happy and long
    • Push yourself to do your best and never compare yourself to others
    • Ensure that your thirst for knowledge is more than your hunger for money
  • May you buy all the gadgets and gizmos you want with your own money ( not because I do not want to buy them, but because it will mean you have some money to spare).
  • May you adapt, yet remain who you are.
  • May you have enough to share with those less privileged.
  • May you have fun and share your life with people who make you laugh.
  • May you continue to visit parts of the world that excite you.
  • May you differentiate between those who  love you and those who want to use you, and treat them accordingly.
  • May you keep loving your family and keep laughing with them, and at them 🙂
  • You’ve done the Bungy, may you never do it again!! Whew…..
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    Happiness does not come easily….grab it everyday…..be positive, happy and count your blessings……..and a smile brightens up the world…..



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