Parks and People

Metros have ensured that people lead a hectic lifestyle and crave open green pastures, leading them to gravitate towards parks for a breath of fresh air and much needed exercise. There are generally certain groups of people who visit the parks, which function as lungs of a busy city and soothe the weary souls rushing to and from work.IMG_1892 IMG_1894 IMG_1978 IMG_2379

The kinds of people we generally come across are :

  • The serious fitness freaks……they make up only 1-2 % of the total number of people
  • The elderly men who huddle together, playing cards or chess or talking
  • Groups of elderly women talking, knitting, singing and praying
  • Yoga lovers who stretch and bend and contort
  • Yoga weirdos who assume positions which are ‘impolite’ with others around…The Pelvis people
  • Meditators who sit with their eyes closed, mumbling mantras
  • The Wannabe Joggers who ‘jog’ at a really  sluggish pace, overtaken by brisk walkers
  • Brisk walkers who mean to exercise and are focussed on the path in front
  • The Groupies who walk leisurely in groups while Lecherously looking at others
  • The Swing Hoggers who glue their kids to the swings
  • The Blockers who walk as a group, taking up the whole walking or jogging path
  • The Clockers who time themselves and look at their wrist bands to see how many steps they have taken and how many calories they have burnt
  • The Friendly Sort who have a compulsive urge to smile and greet others
  • The Bratty kids who are let loose by parents who ignore them
  • The bird feeders who feed the birds
  • The Intruders…..the dogs who lie around, unaware of people around them
  • The Round People who sweat and pant and wear tight clothes  in an attempt to make them appear slimmer
  • The Phoneys who use their phones non-stop
  • The Clickers….they make others uncomfortable as they constantly take pictures of everything and everyone!
  • The Bloggers who walk and talk and observe 🙂                                                                                   Have Fun, Run in the Sun with your loved One …….

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