Parrots and dogs perturbed by a Drone-Video

We had gone to attend a wedding early this year. When we had time to breathe, our son decided to fly his drone over the numerous tall trees. There were two dogs lying down quietly, when they saw the drone, they became alert, their tails wagging furiously, followed by barking and running away. I guess they could not decide if it was friend or foe.

It was evening, a time when birds fly home to their nests, to do whatever is is that birds do!!! As the adults watched, the teenager flew the drone over a cluster of trees, What happened after that was unprecedented and totally unexpected. We¬†gathered to take a look as a group of parrots decided to attack it, treating it as a ‘hostile alien UFO’. It was a beautiful moment and one that we had never seen before. They were perched on the tallest tree, when the drone hovered near them, making a drone-like sound of the wind blowing and the motor running, they flew away and encircled it in a large group, flying around it. The noise they made was unbelievable!!!

PS– I did not realize the family would be there, and that it would be such a long video….for the part about the dogs, forward the video to 3 minutes, for the parrots-7.40 minutes………..

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