People classified by website responses

When I started the website, it was on a whim…..the child made it, linked it to FB, G plus, Twitter etc etc. 

What 3 years have taught me about people :

There are the

  • Generous appreciators who try to find something good to say about a blog
  • Skeptics who feel I have something to gain
  • Boycotters who shun it completely as they are too good to read something penned by a novice
  • Intellectuals who add to my knowledge
  • Friends who read it because they know me and like me!!! ( yes, it was a shock to me too that such people exist)
  • Lurkers who  talk to me about it when we meet socially —without ever having visited it
  • Encouragers who inspire me to write

Google has placed 3 advertisements !!!!!! This was the ambition and dream with which I began ( I am clueless as to why I wanted it!!!!) … that it is done, I shall discontinue it and write another book…..

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