Peridot and Obsidian…..My precious stones

The most precious stones for me are the stones collected by us as a family from exotic locations. The peridot and obsidian collected by us from the Wahba Crater, Saudi Arabia are special because they bring back memories of a special treasure hunt by a crater. It was just the three of us, my husband, our son and I, on a wonderful trip that will always make me smile. I will write about the uncut gems from the Gemstone beach in New Zealand later. It is not a case of sour grapes because I own the diamond solitaires that most old women have 🙂 The best things in life are free…………and in the game of rock, paper, scissors, Spock and family…family wins every time. (apologies to TBBT )


This picture was taken at the start of our hunt. We had nowhere to store the stones, the hot afternoon air was playing havoc, taking the stones back to where I had picked them from……my guys found a small plastic glass in the car and we filled it with our stones…and memories.


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