Photobombing by a bird!

Humans have been known to photobomb pictures. But a bird doing that?? well, one lives and learns. I am currently besotted with the sunbirds in our garden. The male is the beautiful one, iridescent, blue and a great poser. Despite its tiny size, it can be spotted from afar as it shines bright from a  distance. One day I was taking pictures of it, ignoring the red vented bulbuls and the ‘lady’ sunbird which perched on a nearby branch. A pair of pigeons/doves clamored for attention by jumping from branch to branch(I did not even to see what they were). When I ignored them, one of them flew overhead…still unnoticed. Suddenly one of them took off at an oblique angle and came into the line of sight of my camera!!! Look at the angle of flight and you will know it was on purpose…..:)


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