Pool party -our garden

Birds do not fear me….according to the offspring, nobody is intimidated by or fears me….I think I should give up trying! My encounters of the feathery kind began in early childhood, when an eagle swooped down and plucked away the food I was about to eat img_0608from my hands…while it was making me healthier by robbing my lunch, it rested its weight on my shoulder for a brief moment…….the whole school was in the courtyard but it chose me…..after the terror and hunger pangs diminished, I watched and admired the flight of the bird as it came back to glide effortlessly over me (on a full stomach!). These Oriental white eye birds are my morning companions as they bathe in the makeshift water bowls I have placed for them in our garden….how can a day not be awesome after an early morning party-in-a-pool???

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