Pre-order iPhone 7

  • This is applicable only if you want/ need a new phone!
  • I am always attached to things that have been of use to me for any length of time
  • When a living being or object have shared even a moment in time with me which was memorable, I do not want to get rid of it…ever!!!
  • My iPhone 5 was gifted to me (forcibly, with lot of love and persuasion by my guys)….I loved my ancient Blackberry…..”I think berries are better than apples, I protested! I am a doctor and you both want me to keep myself away from me,”, I babbled on…..I kept the old phone but fell in love with the Apple of my eye…..
  • My phone is a necessity since I travel alone to meet my better half…or leave him for a while, as we have some periods of forced separation due to our professions (no, we would not have it any other way…each has a world and identity the other fell in love with 22 years ago)
  • My iPhone 5 is dear to me..we have fought for our rights, raised our voice, murmured sweet nothings …in sync ….to send a virtual token of love, or video chat with the child or the better half…..a lifeline…..
  • My 4 year old phone can not withstand a 24 hour cycle without recharging….I have started putting off the wifi and 3G/4G when I travel to save the battery…..I love it but we need a backup now…
  • The better half saw an advertisement for a 1/7 price cut online…and it worked….the iPhone 7 has been pre-ordered….nope, the joy is not there(that is what I said to my 5)….I refused to trade in the older phone for a good value…it is invaluable to me and always shall be……..the pic below is meant to denote the attachment to humans, plants, Nature that grow each day…..


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