Prickly cactus flowers

On a steep mountain road, I had a fleeting glance of a plant that fascinated me. Most flowering plants have that effect on me, especially those that grow in the wild. My pleasure is manifold when the plant in question is a cactus with flowers. My family was (as usual) a little annoyed at having to stop, while I mumbled an apology, spoke of miracles and hopped out of the vehicle, almost dropping the camera(yes, I heard the collective gasp from the husband and child, and those two hardly ever gasp!!). 

By the side of the road was a beautiful prickly cactus in all its glory, with flowers more beautiful than most. It was untended, growing wild and yet it was flourishing. After admiring it and clicking a few pictures, I told the family that beauty lies in the most unlikely places, if only we have the inclination to appreciate it, and if could get past the thorns in life, an abundance of flowers are showered upon us. There were sighs as the son told the father,”not only does she get excited at the sight of flowers, she draws meaning out of each plant she sees!”. 

DSC05341 DSC05342 DSC05340 DSC05338 DSC05337

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