Prince of the Pond….Lotus and lilies

In a small village in Tamil Nadu, India, there was an enchanted lotus pond. It was always full of the most beautiful lotus flowers. The flowers were of a colour that had shades of pink, but when you looked closely enough, you could visualize a rainbow in it. There were a few water lilies too. The pond was by the side of a large tamarind tree. Once an elderly woman was passing by in her air-conditioned vehicle to go to an ‘important’ place. She happened to look at the pond and asked the driver to stop. Before she could be warned about the dangers of going into uncharted waters alone, she was at the steps leading down to the pond, taking pictures of the lotus and lilies like one possessed. There was not a soul in sight. She repeated the adventure the next morning, this time there was someone swimming in ‘her’ pond!!!! Before she could protest, the young man swam towards her and scooped up an armful of the most beautiful and precious lotus flowers and lilies and handed them to her, telling her it was a gift……..Yes, miracles and wonderful people exist in this world……a person who can make another smile has succeeded in the mission of life…..not too far away, there were a lot of prosperous people ‘meditating’ and enforcing ‘restricted entry’ into their premises, where appointments were sought,and too much time spent in the pursuit of that achieved by the ‘less privileged’ villagers close to them……..DSC04402 DSC04399 DSC04389 DSC04247 DSC04406 DSC04408

Try not to flock to places where enlightenment is being talked about….it is being practiced by some who do not preach about it………..

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