Pyramid of Peace, Astana

Kazhakstan is a beautiful place to visit, with many different ethnic groups and religions living in harmony with each other, enriching the culture of the country. It is a young nation, hence all the monuments in the capital city Astana are state-of-the-art and unique. The Pyramid of Peace stands out form the rest of the buildings, as it is after all, a structure that is rather unexpected in this country!!!!!




The pyramid is 62x 62x 62 m. There are five levels, the top two are made of glass with 135 doves within two sheets of glass, which represent the ethnic communities in Kazhakstan, and can be viewed only from the inside. There is an opera hall within the building, which is fully equipped and as good as any other anywhere in the world.


The elevators take you up to the third level, these go at an angle, a slant, because of the shape of the building!!!

There is a hall which has a central platform where the upper dome is seen, which has the design of the sun on it. One can make a wish here. 


The top two levels are approached through a staircase. The fourth level has a conference hall. 




There are exhibitions of costumes, the sun is seen from the middle of the hall in the third level.IMG_0227

The roof of the opera hall which can seat 1,500 people is beautiful, with the design of golden spokes of the sun.


There is a curio shop on the ground level.



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