Rainbows beneath your feet

Wonder why we search for rainbows in the sky

When all it takes is a lowered eye

To see a rainbow beneath our feet

Tiny flowers of every hue

Peeping through the carpet of grass

Nature sings if we stop to listen

Through the birds, the brooks and bluebells

But we are so tightly bound in our shell

Too busy making a living, to outdo, to excel

When we these thoughts do expel

The rustling of leaves

The flowering cacti

The busy bees, the butterfly

The cobra shaped plants

The orchards on the steepest slopes

The goats that defy gravity

Captivate and enthral us

The majestic mountains, with ridges and peaks….

When you stop talking, nature speaks

Hot sulphur springs bubble

Close your eyes and listen awhile

There is the cover of thunderous clouds above

Which shower us with blessings as rain drops
Cleanse the soul as they pour down upon us

Wash away ambition and materialism

Each water droplet is a prism

Through which a million rainbows sparkle

But we see them not

We aim too high

As our eyes are fixed upon the sky……








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