Reality check– the virtual world

Most of us begin the day by switching off the alarm on the phone…….and open one eye to look at the phone. What we see are messages and updates from social media and our ‘friends’. De-addiction centres have been opened all over the world for internet de-addiction. Be it games, messages, or second hand memes or status updates, we do spend a lot of time on social media. Most of us take what we see and do in the virtual world lightly and smile and forget about it. Some are a little more serious, and the interactions on this media take on a special meaning for them. For them, I’d like to say— Let’s be a little realistic.

  1. Most people you interact with don’t even read all you write. Don’t take any appreciation too seriously. There is no option to dislike what you post or write.
  2. Real friends are in the real world. Family or friends who are near you should never be ignored to smile at those in cyber world.
  3. Real family and friends can be told about the troubles, stress, mishaps that occur in life and they stand by you in times of need and dare to admonish you when you whine or over react.
  4. Real friends and family can pick up a child from school, look after an older relative, spend time sharing your life and theirs.
  5. You do not have to look good or be correct or unbiased or make sense to people who love you. These people do not have any smileys or pretty hearts to show you but have real emotions, unfiltered and genuine.
  6. Studies have shown that we can have only a handful of people we can be really close to. Concentrate on them. Who will hold your head while you puke???? 
  7. Be real, nobody is that amazing or awesome, or looks gorgeous all the time. We are not poets or philosophers ( most of us anyway) and we do not spout wisdom all the time.
  8. True, the internet and its ramifications are a useful tool, irreplaceable and valuable in learning and networking. Just don’t spend too much time here.
  9. Computer vision syndrome is now a well known entity and can cause damage. Limit your hours on the computer or phone.
  10. It is better than drugs and several other hobbies. Carry on, but shut off all communication in the virtual world everyday and step out in the sunshine, or rain, or fog, with the people who love you when you look like hell and talk nonsense.                                                                            Enjoy yourselves, it’s raining outside, I’m going out in the rain with my husband and son……..

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