Sarus Crane-Tallest flying bird, threatened!!

Where there were thousands of birds in the water logged fields near our home, one sees a mere handful…..a wise villager stops his cart and tells me, “Ever since hordes of cars and people flocked to these areas and made a lot of noise, the birds have left”! I am witness to it….I have pictures of hundreds of waterbirds (in one frame), now there are a few left. While crossing the deserted fields after the sun had set, I saw some movement….the camera works better than the human eye on rare occasions…..failing daylight and birds situated far away is one of those occasions……This couple of Sarus Cranes were by themselves until an almost-threatened Painted Stork joined them….peaceful and quiet, they stood tall….The Sarus Crane is the tallest flying bird in the world…let us try not to disturb them, or they will be extinct one day………..

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