SET’Z..DLF, Emporio, Delhi…not worth your time

Every once in a while, one wants to try out a new place to eat at. Well, you needn’t bother going to Set’z in Emporio Mall…..The noise of the people chattering around you will be unbearable…..IMG_4766 IMG_4767 IMG_4769 IMG_4770 IMG_4772

Despite the Thai food being pretty good, the non-stop and loud chatter ( which resonates, probably due to extremely poor acoustics of the place) will compel you to leave in a hurry, annoyed and disappointed. The Indian food was terrible, the mango sorbet or some pretentious sounding dessert shown in the picture above was ‘frozen fruity’!!!! The people around you make it impossible to enjoy the time spent there. Unless you want to waste your time and suffer noise pollution, don’t bother going there………….

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