Sibling revelry, not rivalry

My sister inspires me….we love each other unconditionally, forever…..hence we can afford to be brutally honest with each other! We fight, we make up, discuss the secrets of our souls, brag about each other, look up to and rely on each other. She has always been brilliant and a fearless firebrand. She is well read and eloquent and knows everything about the universe….I often consult her when I don’t understand something. My parents ensured we had no sibling rivalry and have been close, They used psychology to make us bond in a unique and everlasting way……she is a fabulous and gifted doctor, an artist, a chef, an innovator, an explorer…the only lady I know who has been to Easter Island!!!!! Please bless her God, and keep her healthy and happy, and make sure she exits this planet after me….I need her and love her 🙂


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