Siblings–similarity in dissimilarity

Peas in a pod? a pod that is used for cryopreservation? Nope…..I am proud of the fact that my parents never ‘tried’ for a boy…they were supremely happy with their 2 daughters…I have great respect and admiration for those with a single daughter or 2 daughters only….hey, it’s my blog and wall (being a girl child in a 3rd world country means you have to choose between fight and flight ) ..

  • Individuals of the same species? hell yeah!!!
  • Observations from my life….The bond between 2 sisters is forever….is it stronger when it is only 2 sisters…no other sibling….my views are often strong, sometimes wrong…
  • Sisters do not worry about the troublemakers aunts and friends who compare and contrast…they brag about each other, sans sibling rivalry
  • The bond is stronger when the age difference is more than 3 years…


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