Sinful Delight—-Banoffee Pie

If you are not gorging, relaxing, feeding your soul and body, spending time with your loved ones, you do not know what holidays are like….Go back to work 🙂 One of the many decadent delights on my holiday list is the Banoffee Pie, make it with me……


Take a pack of Digestive biscuits, put them in a ziplock bag, smash them with a rolling pin….You need a work out before you gorge….

IMG_3991 IMG_3993 IMG_3994

Layer the crushed biscuits in a serving dish. Heat some butter and pour it on the biscuit layer, flatten with a spoon, pressing down, Refrigerate for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, immerse 2 tins of condensed milk in boiling water for 2 and a half hours, making sure the water level is above the tins at all times. This turns the milk into a delicious chocolate – caramel. 

IMG_3997 IMG_4005

Add a layer of sliced bananas , spread the chocolaty condensed milk over it.

IMG_4006 IMG_4007

Spread a layer of whipped cream over the condensed milk. 

IMG_4009 IMG_4010

Before you eat, add grated chocolate over the cream….Happy eating.

IMG_4011 IMG_4023

Tip- several tins of condensed milk maybe boiled simultaneously, and used up to a week earlier after refrigeration. Make it just half an hour before eating, as it tastes best that way. If you are worried about leftovers…..there won’t be any!!!!!!!

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