Six people on two wheels !!!!!! It’s a record

Need for speed ? Need for a son ? Having seen many two wheelers with five people on them, I was still shocked to see six!!!! Looking at the picture closely, it seems like a family with 3 daughters and one son, who is the youngest of the four children. This bodes well perhaps, as the quest for the Y chromosome seems to have met with success. Or does it? Traveling on a highway with six people on a two wheeler redefines risk.



None of them are wearing a helmet, I do hope the police catch them, making them rethink this mode of travel…..some may say it’s a necessity, but they are a traffic hazard, more to themselves than others…. I’m glad there is no Guinness Record for this, nothing justifies it. Some may argue that their resources maybe limited…..maybe they can wear helmets? shouldn’t the family size have been limited in that case? Silent prayer…..Keep safe and stop this torture of the bike and risk to your lives.

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