Smile—even if you have to force it

Pros of a smile….

  • Release of endorphins…..which make you feel happy, reduce stress
  • Even a forced smile releases endorphins!!!!
  • Exercises facial muscles that make you more attractive
  • Add a laugh (real or forced)…. muscles are exercised, the lungs expand, a sit-at-home-feel-good-workout is created


  • Love more, express your emotions, frown less
  • Focus on the positive 
  • Life is not that long…spend time doing what makes you happy
  • Be with people who enjoy your company as much as you enjoy their presence
  • Remove/ ignore toxic people…smile at them, it annoys them!
  • Read, travel, hug family members (your core circle give you core strength) 
  • Text your partner (naughty texts work wonders!)
  • Tell your partner how much you love them every day (if you don’t, find a hobby that gives you pleasure)
  • Speak politely but express yourself, love and hate with style
  • Move on……do not let the downside of life or people get you down, do not ulcerate over failures
  • Exercise…in moderation, change the workout, make it enjoyable
  • Eat non-packaged food, locally grown\
  • Watch TV shows/ movies which make you happy
  • Grow flowers and plants
  • Take a break with loved ones\
  • Adopt a pet—-(there is a reason canines are called man’s best friend)
  • Help others in need…visit an orphanage and an old age home… will make you happy
  • The spa works for some…we create our own 🙂
  • Facetime/ video chat loved ones…..laugh, smile, share happiness and love


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