Sniffing a mate…..God ‘nose’ it’s true

Why do certain odors make us long for more, while others make us nauseous??? We use our sense of smell (one of our special senses) to sniff out a new perfume, roses, food, and…….a mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There have been innumerable reports about sniffing out a partner and the ‘compatibility gene’. There have been smelly t-shirt parties and our pheromones have been analysed in minute detail. The reason I thought of writing this is because it’s raining outside and I went out to get drenched and opened my nostrils wide to take in as much of the smell of wet earth as I could before my lungs became water-logged 🙂 

Smelly t-shirt ? yes, it is when a person wears the same t-shirt for 2-3 days, without ever taking it off. Alcohol, smoking, perfume or other odor-altering agents are not allowed during this period. The t-shirt is then put in a plastic bag, which is sniffed by the opposite sex to select a mate…………there appears to be a scientific basis for this. We have all heard of histocompatibility …the short arm of chromosome 6 determines whether you are attractive to another human being. People have been tested for mutual attractiveness. This test also tells us a bit about our origin, race and heritage.

Major histocompatibility genes (MHC) are actually used to find a perfect mate/ match!!! A match is no longer made in heaven, but in a laboratory. Welcome to the modern age of dating and mating, 

Throw out the deodorants, the fancy soaps and wear sweaty t-shirts ??? One good thing that comes out of this that smoking, alcohol should not be indulged in if you want your mate to sniff you out. Pheromones are secreted by us which ‘alter’ the behaviour of other living beings towards us…yes, they are being sold as a spray-on in tiny, expensive bottles.

One day they will find a way to allow others to sniff to sniff you over the internet 🙂 Those with huge noses, stop complaining, use them well. Meanwhile, I am stepping out to smell the wet earth again, after which I will enjoy my trip to the filling station as petrol smells awesome to me……..blame it on the genes 🙂 And think again before you casually remark to someone ‘You smell so good’……………………

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