Spiced Tea Eggs! by team Sheraton , Jaipur

4 points by Sheraton, Jaipur is a delightful place to stay at…because of the staff….from the Reception to the dining area….clean, spacious and tastefully decorated…this place is perfect……for the first time ever, I have tried the Spiced Tea eggs made by the Chefs here…..along with the signature dal baati churma, gate ki subzi, ker sangri ……the list is endless and since they were magnanimous enough to share their recipes….many blogs will honour them…..for now, the recipe for the Spiced Tea Eggs,,,,,boil eggs in water which has  tea leaves, cinnamon, bay leaves and star anise added to it…when the eggs have been in boiling water for 5 minutes, remove them and gently crack them from the top……strain the spicy water and pour into the crack….Voila ! 

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