Spicy holiday breakfast with ghost pepper

The Ghost Pepper remains one of the hottest peppers in the world…..the ‘watered down varieties’ are sold throughout the world to make people feel good that they have survived the deadly pepper. For the authentic kind, it has to be plucked off the plant!!! we have a few plants which are beautiful to look at. This morning, as the family sat down for a breakfast laden with goodies…..the ghost pepper added a different dimension to tantalise┬áthe taste buds…..the auditory canal was outlined as the steam escaped from any available orifice…..and the heat was felt by the larynx and the oropharynx and the tongue……the metabolism boost and aroma were incomparable….the hot chickpea curry and pooris and yogurt and milk were relished along with almonds, figs, walnuts…….and whole wheat halwa…….

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