‘Stone Erected by Spirits’…..Terhuotsiese

TERHUOTSIESE…….in a picturesque location in the forests near the Khonoma Village in Nagaland, India, a unique structure catches the eye…….it is made even more mysterious by the explanation alongside…….this is roughly what the plaque nest to the stone says…..

This stone is “Terhuotsiese”,meaning ‘Stone Erected by Spirits’.Legend says that one pitch dark night the people of Khonoma Village heard thunderous shouts of rallying cry “oho, oho” dotted with victory yell “alulu”as if a big ceremony was going on in the deep forest. Early in the next morning, when the people of Khonoma Village came out to see they found that this weird looking stone was being planted here by the spirits. Traces indicated that the stone was hog tied by along string of thatch and being dragged down to this place from the deep forest above. Till today the stone is known by the name Terhuotsiese.

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