Stonehenge…..A Marvel?Myth?Merlin?Monument?Magnificent……….

Stonehenge is a unique and imposing structure built thousands of years ago. It has many theories, controversy and mystery surrounding it. When one travels to visit it, all the folklore and internet research do not prepare one for the sight that greets one. After travelling through the beautiful meadows and picturesque countryside, out of nowhere, around a corner, in the middle of the fields around it, rises this massive stone structure which dominates its surroundings and leaves one open-mouthed, reaching excitedly for one’s camera.IMG_0705 IMG_0709 IMG_0712 IMG_0728 IMG_0729 IMG_0737 This elderly lady, complete with a flowing costume and staff, provided the perfect atmosphere to this stone monument………..


There are several different stones..the largest are the sarsens, the slightly smaller ones are the bluestones. They are arranged in a circular fashion and believed to have been built through many stages through the centuries.There is a special heelstone or sunstone which stands beyond this circle.


Remains of humans and animals has led to the speculation that it may have been a burial site or a place where people came for healing. There are the fascinating theories that supernatural forces or Merlin made this arrangement of massive stones!!!! Whatever the origin or reason for Stonehenge, it continues to fascinate and fuel the imagination of tourists and archaeologists worldwide…….see, it is time you went there to decide for yourself 🙂 

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