Supporting a child through exams…thousands of miles away…

If you are lucky and your child is lucky, there will be a period of separation when he pursues a dream….a career, an education which requires him to be in another continent. Do you mope and miss them and whine about how he should be with you? Nooooo…’s what will make the experience amazing for the family……

  1. Remind yourself and the child about why he wanted to study in the particular university he has gained admission to, which seemed like a far fetched dream earlier….
  2. Do not pressure the child to talk to you 24/7…..he will call if you can make him smile and are not an emotional wreck
  3. Talk to him about inconsequential funny things that happen all around you, which you know he loves to laugh at
  4. Do not ask about his grades or studies, he will tell you once he realizes you are not overly pushy or stressed about the work he is doing or already stressed about
  5. Unconditional love and support is what you can give….tell him about your own college days if he wants you to reassure him that it is a tough time for all…
  6. Tell him to do his very best, as he will regret not having done his best, not because you will only be proud of him if he slogs
  7. Ask him to eat well and rest enough before an exam
  8. Tell him not to be intimidated by the tough curriculum, if it wasn’t strenuous, it would not be worth the separation….
  9. Studying after a little laughter and positive outlook helps you to retain more and be more confident of understanding a subject
  10. Tell him to tackle the most difficult subject first….tell him you are proud of him, no matter what grades he gets………as long as he is satisfied with the effort he has put in  To those whose child has exams….hang in, trust the child, help the child by making him laugh a little……………and be very grateful that his health is with him during this time….:)

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