Winters are harsh in some countries, with heavy snowfall and months of subzero temperatures. While travelling on the roads of Kazhakstan in minus 15 degrees, we were enjoying the stark landscape of snow and barren trees. The locals were gearing up for a long and tough winter while tourists like us revelled in the fresh snow that was steadily falling all around us. From the windows of the heated car, it looked like a Christmas card. A lot of effort was being done to prevent the dangerous ‘black ice’ form forming on the road. Vehicles which were blowing steam to melt the ice were closely followed by others which scooped and scraped the snow off the road. All of a sudden, rows of trees caught my attention. Dark, tall, leafless trees on either side of the road with a multitude of bird’s nests, thriving, though exposed to the harsh weather. The trees come back to life after each winter with leaves greener and more beautiful than before. The bird’s nests get covered by foliage once again. The birds live through the winter and emerge when the conditions are right. A few birds could be seen hovering or flying to the nests, too quick to be captured on film through a car racing through to get to its┬ádestination.





Sure, some birds migrate in the winter to warmer regions, but these are the ones that stay on. Inspiration comes not only from human beings, but the animal kingdom too…….

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