Teachers-all beings great and small

  • My Parents———–The best teachers who continue to inspire and amaze me are my parents—the most patient, honest, skilled, generous, hardworking, intelligent and loving people I have ever met in my life…I am grateful to the powers-that-be for them
  • My sister ——for her hunger of knowledge and strength, for her love and loyalty
  • My partner—–he encourages me to be me….for his support, love, being-the-man-in-a-crisis……..I use my maiden name and am gainfully employed due to him ( these two issues may sound small, but they make a world of difference and only a very strong, supportive and wonderful man would encourage a woman to do what she really wants)…for the love he showers on me, for the gentle critique whenever I need it, for making me feel special every single day (yes, we both love to love each other)
  • Our son—–for not needing to ‘fit in’ or try to be ‘cool’….he is the most tolerant, calm and cool person I know….I love the sarcasm and Bazinga moments we share
  • Our Dogs…..Penny and Timmy taught me unconditional love and the art of adoring….now Mr L (my sister’s dog) carries on those lessons
  • The Help—-for making me realize that I should never be proud, that I owe most of what I have due to my place of birth
  • Sister Gemma—–for being a ‘leftie’…since I mimicked almost every teacher and person I come across……for letting me develop my ambidextrous nature further
  • My patients—–for their faith
  • The academic Teachers—–who were worth emulating¬†

The Others—

  • The creeps and leches—-for teaching me the signs and signals which define them
  • The liars and cheats—for making me appreciate those in my life much more
  • The manipulators—-for making me smarter¬†

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