Terracotta Army, China

The sculptures date back to the third BC, abs are located in the  in Xi’an, Shaanxi province. They represent the Army of the First Emperor, and were supposed to protect him in the afterlife          (similarity to Egypt?).  The board displayed in that location with the heading ‘Preface’, shown below, explains what we see here quite well.DSC05267 DSC05264 DSC05292 DSC05279 DSC05278 DSC05265 DSC05270 DSC05274 DSC05275 DSC05290 DSC05289 DSC05288 DSC05287 DSC05286 DSC05283 DSC05281 DSC05295 DSC05296 DSC05298 DSC05300 DSC05301 DSC05303 DSC05304DSC05263


It was accidentally discovered in 1974, depicted in the model of the area in the picture above, as a mound. There are thousands of soldiers, weapons, horses, each of which was handcrafted and is unique!!!!! There are also building materials present such as stones and tiles. It is the largest figurine group ever excavated in the world and has been declared a World Heritage site.

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