The 40 +non-dieter’s way to weight loss and health gain

  • I am not, will never…go hungry, if I have enough resources to buy / grow food
  • You may think Karma’s a *****, but metabolism after 40 is no less
  • Real goals can be met…luckily, I never wanted to look anorexic
  • Monitoring of BP, Blood sugar and bone density are vital….and consulting a physician in case of any health issues
  • Make your own chart….the healthy desired weight and size…make it  your ‘desirable weight and size
  • Hunger leads to a binge…..never go hungry
  • Fat, carbs and proteins are essential… the proper ratio
  • Use locally grown food…if you can grow any, it helps
  • It should be your goal….not society’s
  • Take a month off/ 2 weeks to kick-start
  • Choose…and vary–enjoyable, moderate workouts which you can maintain forever ( some exercises and workouts may harm you)

10 pounds in 30-40 days……..yesssssssssss………feeling non-flabulous is fabulous……start before your doctor tells you to!

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