The awful hand rest in airplanes

if you’re a woman and are traveling in a domestic flight, the handrest between your seat and the next one assumes a vital role. One thing I do appreciate about these flights is that there is only one class.. No differentiation on the basis of the amount of money paid… Everyone reaches the same destination at the same time anyway!! The handrest transforms the pleasure of flying into a nightmare….. People tend to literally ‘cross the line ‘…. The elbow from ‘the other side ‘ attempts to poke, touch, push and provoke !!!! I’ve had to push snoring heads off my shoulders, to nudge the ‘explorers ‘ with my handbag…. The handbag is a mighty tool. Never, I repeat, never has anyone respected the line of control here … My only option is to take an aisle seat, contort …. And confront if all fails … Dear airlines, construct partitions which we can fit into !!!! dsc05545

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