The benefits of ‘maturity’

Oh, what a joy is an age that is beyond youth…..I enjoy the age where we have people elder than us and younger than us…some of the joys are:

  1. Being able to pretend you don’t remember someone or something
  2. Pretending you can’t life a heavy load
  3. Pretending you can’t read without your glasses
  4. Being abrupt and direct
  5. Laughing uninhibitedly and saying what you want 
  6. Dancing and singing in an extremely non-gifted manner ( by now, one knows that nobody is watching )
  7. Being the first on and the last off a dance floor!!!
  8. Getting drenched in the rain
  9. Wearing comfortable shoes and clothes ( yup, comfy is now a good word)
  10. Exiting whatsapp groups, blocking, stalking, talking ….

The list is endless, the joys are too….explore, indulge, work hard, play hard…..

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