The biggest gift is the gift of time

  • The gift of time is the biggest gift of all. I’m happier to be a year older because….
  • I am privileged to have spent another year on this glorious planet (as far as I know, this is the only which sustains the life I love so dearly)
  • I care even less about the opinion of those I do not care about
  • Doing what makes me happy makes me even happier than it used to
  • Each breath, each morsel of food, each moment with loved ones is more precious
  • It is easier to laugh with others when they laugh at me or with me
  • There is no time to second guess my decisions or to analyse the action of others
  • I’m as good as I can be, those who think that’s not good enough for them, go look for others to interact with
  • God has been kind, I am grateful for the life I have…I do not want to exchange places with anyone in the whole wide world

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