The biggest gift of all

Humans are unique.. thank the powers-that-be for that! There are people who love gifts and those that do not .. rarely is a gift something that a person really wants… what works for you? Here is what works in our family…

Time spent together is the best gift hence we all try to make time for each other .. exclusive moments

There are no gifts exchanged on special occasions!! As and when we go out.. if someone gazes longingly at an ‘affordable ‘ inanimate object, it is bought by the other

Either we paint / write a card … or we don’t give one ( yup, we don’t give any now)

Rules apply to family and really close friends as we do not want the ‘inbuilt human assessment of material goods’ to take time away from precious moments together…

Each to her/ his own… we have been giving away things bestowed upon us by well meaning people and returning the favour by giving  presents they don’t cherish  ( I am quite sure of it!!) .. each person should just buy what they want as and when they want to

P.S…. I guess I’m a hypocrite since I have more material possessions than I will ever need!!! They are not gifts though! Except from the family who knows what I want and I try to reciprocate 😊

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