The Brazilian in Istanbul

He stood in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. A quiet, focussed, serious young man with his camera and tripod, taking pictures at various locations. We observed him and requested him to use our camera to take our picture. Unlike most people who take pictures of others, he told us where to stand and took his time in taking a great picture. On an impulse, I asked him what his name was. ‘Phillipe, he replied”, in a soft and polite voice. ‘Where are you from,” I asked. “Brazil”. “What do you do,”, I asked, while biting my lip when I realised he must be a professional photographer. His reply left me open mouthed. “I’m a shoe maker,” he replied quietly. “What do you dream of?”, I persisted. “I want to be a professional video and movie maker’, he said with determination in his voice. He has left his home and is traveling to various countries to take pictures, hoping he will succeed in his dream. I told him I would write about him and gave him the name of this website. We wish you the very best…….


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