The common cold and sore throat can bring you to your knees…..

Ever scoffed at people with red noses and a hacking cough ? trust me, you do not want to do that…you could be the next victim. All it takes is a stuffy/ running nose to make you helpless. The itching in your throat and the irritation will not let you sleep at night. What can you do ? A specialist must be consulted for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, in addition some home remedies and supportive therapy provide some relief

  1. Consult a specialist … maybe self diagnosing your ailment all wrong or treating it wrong
  2. Boil finely sliced ginger in water and add lemon juice and honey. The soothing effect allows you to gulp without pain
  3. Chew on a clove, slowly
  4. Eat spicy food..try it before you roll your eyes!
  5. Plenty of fluids are a must
  6. Rest…if you do not give your body some rest, the recuperation will be prolonged
  7. Gargle with warm water to which salt has been added
  8. Sip honey, slowly
  9. Lozenges 
  10. Keep yourself busy with a book or watching television, it helps to take your mind off the constant pain and irritation in your throat                                                                             Eat well, read , accept love and care….it doesn’t sound so bad now, does it ??? 

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