The Elders vs the newly hatched

Humans defy the theory of ‘survival of the fittest’ because they shield, feed, love and nurture their young. Too often we see that they do not respect, love, have time for or spare a moment for their elders. The elders may not have taut skin or puppy eyes or invoke a protective instinct, but they are the one who are responsible for our very existence, for protecting us from the world and ourselves.

Why do we…………..

  1. Forget that they would do anything for us, anytime, anywhere
  2. Not show the patience they showed us when we stumbled, faltered, were slow to learn the most basic, simple tasks
  3. Not understand they are the future us..and our children are watching and learning from us
  4. Not allow our offspring to learn from them and love them as much as they love us
  5. Become selfish beasts, who vacation with our offspring, forgetting all the vacations we have been treated to by those whom we ignore
  6. Shed compassion and love when it is inconvenient
  7. Calculate who can benefit us
  8. Not see the love and wisdom in our elder’s eyes
  9. Not enjoy both generations senior and junior to us equally
  10. Want to live if we can not love the ones who gave us the biggest gift of all…our life

Take a moment to reflect, do not expect anything from anyone, but recognize that we are here on this planet as humans to cherish relationships more than any other species…..spare a smile, a hug, a kiss for the people who held us through decades and gave us unconditional love……….


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