The Golden Egg, Astana

Among the many wonders of Astana in Kazhakstan, the ‘Observation Tower’ or ‘Poplar tree with the Golden Egg’ or the Bayterek, towers over the city and beyond. It is 105 metres tall, with a 22 m golden egg or globe with mirrors on it held at the top by metallic girders. 


This structure is said to resemble a poplar tree and is a symbol of the tree of life, it stands 105 metres tall, and holds at the top a golden globe or egg, 22 metres in diameter. This egg has mirrors on its surface, which give it an extra shine. The entry is through steps below ground level, An elevator takes you to an observation deck, at a height of 97 metres, which celebrates the figure 97 as Astana became the capital of Kazhakstan in 1997. The observation deck provides a 360 degrees view of the city through glass panels. Above this, a flight of stairs lead to the highest level in the globe. 

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There is model of the city in the observation desk. A flight of stairs led to the highest level, which has a gilded handprint of the right hand of the first President of Kazhakstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Visitors are asked to place their right hand over it to make a wish.


Along with this, there is a sculpture of the globe with 16 spokes or segments radiating out form it, which points to the Presidential Palace. These 16 spokes stand for  the Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, which has been hosted by Astana many times.




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