The ‘Good Fats’ for health and weight loss!!!

At the end of a meal in winters, we eat a little boiled rice….after pouring some hot ghee and jaggery on it…..the tastiest, yummiest, healthiest dessert ever!!! Here is why it is good, despite being fat-laden…Ghee has

  • ┬áSaturated, stable fats
  • Vitamin A (fat-soluble, availability is more in ghee than milk and carrots!)
  • Conjugated Linolenic acid (CLA) which prevents certain tumours
  • Vitamin K2—Calcium uptake is increased in your bones
  • Butyric acid…inhibits breast cancer growth and soothes the intestine

Jaggery has:

  • Iron and Folate
  • Rich in K
  • Complex carbohydrate-energy over more time
  • Magnesium–good for the intestines etc.
  • Potential for weight loss–rich K, etc contribute to this



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