The great compliment

Humans are flawed…while proclaiming to the world that we are not amazing and pretending we do not think the world of ourselves….we secretly believe we are at least almost-the-best in some sphere or the other!!!!

We love being appreciated , in our heart we know exactly how much we deserve, here are the rules of the Great Compliment: It should 

  • Be From a non-creepy person
  • Seem devoid of sarcasm
  • Appear genuine 
  • Be Believable
  • Be Just a little teeny-weeny bit more sweet than the truth
  • Be Well deserved
  • Never-ever be over-the-top
  • Not insult one’s intelligence
  • Not be given only and constantly via private messages/ text
  • Be without the expectation of a return compliment!!!!

I smiled happily when I was told today that my dress was so lovely that it deserved a second look…..and when I was told…’ you are pretty’ …:) while you smirk and snort, I shall enjoy my day..wait, is it a conspiracy to make me feel better before springing a Bazinga on me??? 


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