The man who chose to be a monk

The Himalayas are full of mystery and wonder….anything and everything is possible …the mountains stand testimony to many miracles. A gentleman from Bengal lost his whole family in 1955, at the age of 5, in a train accident. He went to study, and became a ‘successful man’ in Delhi. After a while, the material world held no charm for him. He never married, though he had enough money and a great job. He went to the Himalayas, found a secluded spot away from any human dwelling and meditated. He started a Hanuman ji Temple…perchance a road was constructed near his temple and tiny abode. He lives there permanently, through rain and snow and thunderstorms, without any material possessions save the clothes on his person. He is at peace, and content. I had heard several rumors about him and asked him for his real story. Through a brilliant smile, he told me his life story and proceeded to tell us about the 9 states of existence in the world. “What you perceive around you in God’s creation, is a reflection of what you carry within you.” he said, after performing a pooja and giving his blessings and prasad, made of a few rice puffs and bengal gram. People from nearby villages  give him food, he does not ask for anything from anyone……

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