The meaning of home

Home is the place I can

  • Be in heaven/ a haven
  • Take off jewellery and high heels
  • Wear no make up and have unruly hair ( or wear a kick-*** lipstick and eyeshadow)
  • Wear worn out clothes, or clothes with the labels sticking on them! 
  • Use time in the best way possible (daydreaming) 
  • Do a belly dance (disturbing style)
  • Fill my belly with anything or nothing 
  • Walk barefoot on the grass
  • Listen to the chirping of birds, smell the flowers 
  • Get the cleaning. cooking, ironing done by people grateful to be employed (pay extra, pamper)
  • Sing off key, loud (knowing you have no neighbours who can hear you) 
  • Laugh uninhibitedly with family, watch awful tv shows together 
  • Spend time with loved ones and the memories of loved ones who no longer walk the earth
  • Trade embarrassing tales in family ‘competitions’ 
  • Sit and eat and yell in a non-ladylike manner (strictly with family only)
  • Be told I am wrong on some issue (brutal honesty appreciated)
  • Love and be loved unconditionally, crazily, intensely
  • Talk sans filters or editing or sugarcoating 
  • Yawn, giggle, work out, vegetate, be truly, endlessly , infinitely happy…..


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