The Photographer

Everyone on social media is a photographer, poet, writer, artist, lyricist and…………..critic. It is a liberating world, a freestyle punch and kiss combo…..A person may wrinkle their nose with distaste at something shared by another, but the comment reads something like………’oooooooh, you are amazing, awesome post, thank you so much for sharing.’ Hearts and kisses or the wow emoticon accompanies the comment. I am reminded of ‘Mad’ comics in which the shadow would reflect the ‘real response’. While the shadow on the wall would scowl and gnarl, the physical self would air-kiss and embrace the other person. What is my take? Be happy with yourself, proud of what you are doing on the planet, and take an opinion/ criticism / adulation with a pinch of salt (which  means, do not waste time analyzing, brooding or smirking and preening).  If anyone compliments me, it generally means that they want appreciation back….or need something ….or are rolling their eyes and thinking , “Good God,what is wrong with her?”. The answer is ……almost everything is wrong with me, and I would not have it any other way 🙂  Move on, the person who praised/ ridiculed you has moved on to the next object of pseudo affection/ contempt….

Whatever you do, appreciate the efforts taken by the photographers 🙂


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