The roadside barber

Since times immemorial, grooming has been an essential part of the human species. In fact, we often see monkeys picking parasites off each other too. The rules of grooming may have evolved from an annual bath to a weekly spa, but each person generally makes an attempt to look their best. The barber does not merely administer to a person’s need to spruce up, he is often a carrier of intriguing tales as he listens with the utmost interest to a customer’s grievances, which seem to pour out of a person getting a close shave or a facial or scalp massage. In the days of yore, barbers and their wives who looked after the needs of the women to put their best foot forward, were responsible for many marriages. They would travel from village to village, carrying scandalous stories and information about other clients. I guess the internet has the same function, but can never really replace the personal touch of a groomer……


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